PORSCHE UNSEEN: Design Studies (保時捷私藏概念車 設計研究),吉米康妮圖書

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PORSCHE UNSEEN: Design Studies (保時捷私藏概念車 設計研究)

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TWD $2,800

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【PORSCHE UNSEEN: Design Studies】

《保時捷私藏概念車 設計研究》


@ Delius Klasing Verlag Gmbh原文書

@全彩精裝/328頁/開本21.6 x 28.6 cm

@作者: Stefan Bogner


★ 2005~ 2019年的保時捷設計研究,首度以本書公開於世


★ 無與倫比的發現之旅──探索保時捷跑車的設計世界!




當汽車公司展示研究成果和原型車時,我們可以從中窺見其幕後理念,並探究未來可能發生的前景。 除了在官方活動和展會上展示的東西外,還有大量的草稿和模型由於各種原因而對公眾隱藏。然而,這本書實現了不可能:讓所有車迷朋友看看前所未見的保時捷汽車——Porsche Unseen


Porsche design studies from 2005 to 2019, previously kept under wraps and published here for the first time 


An incomparable journey of discovery through the world of Porsche design!


When car companies present studies and prototypes, they allow a glimpse behind the scenes, a vision of what may come in the future. Apart from what is shown during official events and at fairs, there is an overwhelming number of drafts and models that remain hidden from the public for various reasons. This book achieves the impossible: a look at Porsche cars the public never laid eyes on – Porsche Unseen.

Stefan Bogner was exclusively allowed to take pictures in the Porsche Design sanctum. The Porsche DNA is recognisable in any of the models shown, but the design is so new and unexpected that it suggests the existence of a parallel universe. A 1-litre Porsche? A coupé-like four seater with 911-looks? Single-seated roadsters with 1950’s flair? Stefan Bogner took photos of all of them – either as models or ready to drive. Jan Baedeker talked with Michael Mauer, Head of Design, and took down the enlightening background information.


Join our extraordinary expedition of discovery through the world of Porsche Design!
Text in English and German.










PORSCHE UNSEEN: Design Studies (保時捷私藏概念車 設計研究)

TWD $3,300

TWD $2,800