DK Bird: The Definitive Visual Guide(鳥類大百科 增修版),吉米康妮圖書

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DK Bird: The Definitive Visual Guide(鳥類大百科 增修版)

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【Bird: The Definitive Visual Guide 】

《鳥類大百科 增修版》



@全彩精裝/512頁/版面26.0 x 31.0 cm









收錄世界各地攝影師拍攝的照片,將重新分類的40個「目」(order)的鳥類,由專家團隊編寫深入介紹並由BirdLife International修訂,提供了奇妙的鳥類世界的最新和全面的攝影之旅。閱讀本書,你會發現:







在科學界對所有鳥類進行了重新分類後,本書是目前唯一涵蓋鳥類的40個「目」(order)、140多個「科」(family)的新分類系統的鳥類指南,並收錄許多最新發現的鳥類物種。本書由BirdLife International的專家審閱,您可以確信您所獲得的,是鳥類生物學和分類的最新知識。



Bring the diversity and drama of the bird world to life with this encyclopedic new edition.


A must-have for every avian enthusiast, this catalogue showcases thousands of bird species pictured in their native environment.

Shot by photographers around the globe, the vivid images are accompanied by in-depth introductions to all 40 of the world's newly reclassified bird orders. Compiled by a team of experts and revised by BirdLife International, Bird provides the most up to date and comprehensive photographic tour of the wondrous world of birds. Dive in and you will find:

-A bird by bird catalogue of more than 1,280 species, each with a description, data file, and distribution map
-An introduction describing bird biology in beautiful visual detail.
-Feature spreads showcasing the planet's most impressive sites for birdwatching
-Photographic essays that display the best in bird photography

Discover the world of the skies!

Unrivaled in scope for a single-volume reference work, Bird's photographic catalogue features species from hummingbirds to monkey-eating eagles, organised in taxonomic order.

Immerse yourself in the life of birds; read about their migrations, anatomy, feeding and breeding. All this, and special features on the world's most sought after bird watching locations, make this "A must-have reference for every bird enthusiast" - BBC Wildlife Magazine.

Whether you're an avian expert who knows your Accipitriformes (birds of prey) from your Falconiformes (falcons and caracaras), or are simply a nature lover wanting to learn more, you won't find a more detailed or comprehensive photographic bird book than this.

What's new?

After a major reclassification of all birds, this new edition is the only guide currently in print covering the new system of 40 bird orders and 140+ families, including an updated catalogue with newly discovered species. Reviewed by the experts at BirdLife International, you can be sure that you are getting the latest knowledge of bird biology and classification.





















DK Bird: The Definitive Visual Guide(鳥類大百科 增修版)

TWD $1,650

TWD $1,300