DK The Movie Book: Big Ideas Simply Explained(大知識輕鬆讀:電影),吉米康妮圖書

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DK The Movie Book: Big Ideas Simply Explained(大知識輕鬆讀:電影)

TWD $1,100

TWD $860

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【The Movie Book: Big Ideas Simply Explained】




@全彩精裝/352頁/版面20.4 x 24.0 cm





★史上最全面、最易讀、最有趣的《大知識輕鬆讀》系列(Big Ideas Simply Explained),全球熱銷1,000萬冊以上。

















The ultimate guide to the greatest movies ever to grace the silver screen!

Introducing a brand new edition to The Movie Book, an all-encompassing guide that reflects on the history of cinema, from Hollywood's golden age of black-and-white films to international art-house and modern-day masterpieces. This fantastic book on films is your detailed guide to 100 seismic films, proving something for everyone to explore and love.

So get your popcorn ready and sit back as we take you on a cinematic journey through time, promising:

-Profiles more than 100 of the greatest films ever made and the ideas, themes, and plots behind them
-Features iconic quotes from the films, alongside those of critics
-Famous film stills and posters bring the films to life.
-Thought-provoking graphics explore the central ideas and narratives behind some of the featured films.
-Organized chronologically to guide readers through the history of film easily

Liberally sprinkled with gorgeous stills, pithy quotes and trivia detail, The Movie Book brings you new insights into your favourites and introduces you to little-known masterpieces from around the world.

From vital visionaries of the early 20th century, to the rebel era of the 60s and 70s, The Movie Book will take you on a beautifully vibrant journey into an array of cinematic masterpieces, organized chronologically, so whether you are a film fanatic or a movie newbie, this comprehensive guide is jam-packed with film favourites, to love and explore.

Discover the most quintessential quotes from some of the most celebrated and important films of all time, complemented with key quotes from directors, critics and reviewers, providing you with an in-depth understanding of each fabulous film included throughout this film book.

There's no doubt that one film can influence another and this indispensable and crystal clear guide explains what inspired Quentin Tarantino to use a glowing briefcase in Pulp Fiction or how Jaws triggered decades of summer action blockbusters.

This new edition includes up-to-date and in-depth explorations of recent major contributions to cinema around the world, such as the multi-award winning Parasite, as well as updates to the directory. A must-have volume for anyone with a passion for cinema. Whether you're a film and media student or simply just wish to expand your knowledge about the greatest films ever made, this comprehensive movie guide is sure to delight.

At DK, we believe in the power of discovery. So why stop there?

If you love The Movie Book, then why not complete DK's bestselling Big Ideas series!
With over 25 titles in the series, this curated collection promises something for everyone to love.

















DK The Movie Book: Big Ideas Simply Explained(大知識輕鬆讀:電影)

TWD $1,100

TWD $860