Mini Artists: 20 projects inspired by the great artists(小小藝術家:透過20位藝術大師啟發兒童參與創作),吉米康妮圖書

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Mini Artists: 20 projects inspired by the great artists(小小藝術家:透過20位藝術大師啟發兒童參與創作)

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Mini Artists: 20 projects inspired by the great artists



@ Thames & Hudson原文書

@全彩平裝/96頁/開本21.5 x 28.0 cm

@作者:Joséphine Seblon, Robert Sae-Heng




本書中的20個項目,旨在通過創作引發兒童對藝術的興趣;例如跟傑克遜‧波洛克(Jackson Pollock)一同嘗試滴畫、與芭芭拉‧赫普沃思(Barbara Hepworth)一同雕刻肥皂雕塑,以及與草間彌生一同打造獨特的消失房間;此外也跟著他們一起穿越時空,探索不同時期的藝術,從洞穴畫到中世紀的彩色玻璃,再到中國水墨畫,以及受到尚-米榭‧巴斯奇亞(Jean-Michel Basquiat)啟發的可洗擦塗鴉。




The benefits of art to young children are well known. Art stimulates curiosity, creativity and the imagination. It also cultivates wellbeing, but being creative with young children can feel surprisingly daunting - and this is where Mini Artists comes in.

The twenty projects in Mini Artists are designed to engage children with art through making. Mini artists will discover drip painting with Jackson Pollock, carve soap sculptures with Barbara Hepworth, and create their own obliteration room with Yayoi Kusama. They'll also travel through time and explore art from different periods, from cave painting to Medieval stained-glass, and Chinese ink painting to washable graffiti inspired by Jean-Michel Basquiat.

Each project requires minimal set-up so the maximum amount of time is spent creating together, and the step-by-step instructions show photographs of the projects in progress so they can be followed at a glance. The projects use simple materials, from clay to ink to paint. Being grounded in art history, Mini Artists features a range of interesting art techniques that are ideal for teaching new motor skills.


【Contents List】



How to Use This Book

Part 1: Artists of the Past
Ice Age stencils: The Pech Merle horses
Letters on clay: Sumerian cuneiform tablets
Magical hippo statuette: Ancient Egyptian art
Misty landscapes: Chinese ink-wash painting
Rainbow windows: Medieval stained glass
Mosaic faces: Aztec masks

Part 2: Modern Artists
Abstract paper weaving: Anni Albers
Minimalist soap sculptures: Barbara Hepworth
Drip paintings: Jackson Pollock
Surrealist creatures: Wifredo Lam
Under-the-sea cut-outs: Henri Matisse
Monochrome assemblages: Louise Nevelson
Mini tropical garden: Hélio Oiticica

Part 3: Contemporary Artists
Street art warriors: Jean-Michel Basquiat
Recycled monsters: Tony Cragg
Natural displays: Andy Goldsworthy
Woven beings: Mrinalini Mukherjee
Eerie silhouettes: Kara Walker
Covered in dots: Yayoi Kusama
Floating buildings: Jeanne-Claude & Christo

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Mini Artists: 20 projects inspired by the great artists(小小藝術家:透過20位藝術大師啟發兒童參與創作)

TWD $715

TWD $560