DK Peter and the Wolf(彼得與狼:現代改編版圖像小說),吉米康妮圖書

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DK Peter and the Wolf(彼得與狼:現代改編版圖像小說)

TWD $825

TWD $650

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【Peter and the Wolf 】




@全彩精裝/128頁/版面19.7 x 22.1 cm

@作者:DK編輯部/Gavin Friday/ Illustrated by Bono


透過屢獲獎項的音樂家蓋文弗萊迪(Gavin Friday)和波諾(Bono)的非凡現代改編,重新體驗《彼得與狼》的魔力。








*對普羅高菲夫(Sergei Sergeyevich Prokofiev)的故事的動態新解讀,講述一個年輕男孩捕捉狼的故事,配以神奇的圖像小說般的插圖。












Relive the magic of Peter and the Wolf through this extraordinary modern retelling by award-winning musicians Gavin Friday and Bono.

When a wolf is found roaming the woods, Peter's grandfather warns him to stay at home. But Peter, who is mourning the loss of a parent, decides to venture into the deep, dark woods in search of this creature…

This incredible retelling of the well-loved classic story, Peter and the Wolf takes children aged 7-9 on an adventure whilst exploring themes of love and loss. With its spellbinding punk rock illustrations, this book is a beautiful reminder that there is hope after loss and those we love most are never truly gone. A timeless and magical gift book, Peter and the Wolf will be treasured by all.

This modern retelling of Peter and the Wolf offers:

- A dynamic new take on Prokofiev's tale about a young boy who captures a wolf, with magical graphic novel-esque illustrations.
- An underlying theme of loss, told with sensitivity and warmth, helping children to understand and navigate the topic.
- A treasured keepsake book based on a classic story beloved by generations of children and adults, with vivid illustrations and a red ribbon.
- An enchanting story written by Gavin Friday and stunning visuals based on Bono's original illustrations - with an accompanying animated short film.

In Prokofiev's original tale, Peter outsmarts the big, bad wolf, capturing him, and parading him victoriously around the town with the hunters. But this is not our ending and nothing is the way it seems…

This extraordinary rendition of Peter and the Wolf echoes the message of courage that is so central to the famous classic, while gently introducing themes of loss, grief, and growing up and helping young readers to navigate them.







DK Peter and the Wolf(彼得與狼:現代改編版圖像小說)

TWD $825

TWD $650