Run: Races And Trails Around the World(跑遍全世界),吉米康妮圖書

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Run: Races And Trails Around the World(跑遍全世界)

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【Run: Races And Trails Around the World 】




@全彩精裝/22頁/版面22.2 x 26.4 cm











- 三種類型的跑步假期:參加訓練營、參加特定活動以及通過跑步探索新目的地。

- 由體育記者和旅行專家精心挑選的全球100個最佳跑步地點。

- 各種距離:適合初學者的5公里,到10公里、半馬馬拉松、全馬馬拉松等等。

- 組織的、僅限報名的比賽和自助跑,或許能激發你未來的假期靈感。

- 跑步路線的地圖,包括總距離、地形和高程曲線。

- 每個章節涵蓋一個不同的大洲,並在每個章節內根據地理位置排列路線。

- 提供有關準備跑步假期的最佳建議。








Grab your trainers and get ready to run around the world!

Take a loop around stunning Lake Bled, jog along a section of China's famous Great Wall or tackle the historic Boston Marathon: Run celebrates 100 of the world's most amazing races and routes.

Featuring a mix of iconic races and epic ultras, off-the-beaten-path trails and welcoming park runs, it's the ultimate inspiration for adventuring on two feet, whether you're a marathon devotee, hardcore trail runner or gentle jogger.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your running shoes and get going as you discover:

- Three types of running holidays: to attend a training camp, to attend a specific event and to explore a new destination by running through it.
- A carefully curated list of 100 of the best runs in the world, chosen by sports journalists and travel experts.
- A variety of distances: 5ks for those getting started, through to 10ks, half-marathons, marathons and more
- A mix of organized, registration-only races and do-it-yourself runs that might inspire a future holiday.
- Runs are mapped and include total distance, terrain and elevation profiles.
- Each chapter covers a different continent with runs arranged within each chapter geographically.
- Features top tips on preparing for a running holiday.

Compiled by a team of sports journalists and keen runners, this book is packed with ideas for your next run. Further featuring top tips for getting the most out of each run - including viewpoints en route, how to make the run shorter/longer depending on your fitness level or how much time you have, and how to tackle an organised race course out of season.

Packed full of awe-inspiring images and compelling descriptions of each route that will have you itching to lace up your trainers, while handy maps, elevation profiles and practical information - including things like distance and terrain - will help you plan the nitty gritty of your trip. We've also included the best places to explore while you're there - whether that's epic viewpoints or post-workout lunch spots - as well as suggestions for alternative ways to tackle a route.

A must-have running guide for active runners, whether you're keen to "tick-off" famous races, including marathons and quirky competitions, seeking your next challenge or simply looking for inspiration.






Run: Races And Trails Around the World(跑遍全世界)

TWD $1,375

TWD $1,080