The Meat Cookbook(肉類料理食譜),吉米康妮圖書

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The Meat Cookbook(肉類料理食譜)

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TWD $1,080

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【The Meat Cookbook】




@全彩精裝/320頁/版面23.6 x 28.3 cm

@作者:DK編輯部/ Nichola Fletcher








* 全面的準備和烹煮肉類的課程,擁有超過250個食譜

* 食譜中包含的時間和溫度圖表,幫你創造出完美的風味,也幫助你選擇哪些香草搭配不同的菜餚

* 一個獨特的“如何切割肉品”部分,提供插圖式的逐步說明,重點介紹了可以在家輕鬆切割出肉類部位

* 關於最佳烹煮技巧的專業建議,以及如何使用肉品溫度計的技巧,如何測試你的肉類是否達到了生、中、全熟的烹煮階段,以及如何嘗試不同的風味搭配






A meat feast awaits! Become an expert on buying, preparing, and cooking meat.

From discovering why cuts matter to learning how to recognise top-quality meat, this is your one-stop, practical guide. It contains everything you've ever wanted to know about meat.

Inside the pages of this meat recipe book, you'll find:

- A comprehensive course in preparing and cooking meat with over 250 recipes
- Recipes feature timing and temperature charts to help you create the perfect flavour, plus help you choose which herbs go with different dishes
- A unique "How to Butcher" section provides illustrated step-by-steps and focuses on cuts of meat that can be easily butchered at home
- Expert advice from butchers on the best cooking techniques, as well as tips on how to use a meat thermometer, how to test your meat for rare, medium and well-done cooking stages, and how to experiment with flavour pairings

Whether you want to learn how to slow-cook for maximum flavour or create the perfect Sunday roast, this cookbook has all the answers for meat lovers keen to try working with different meats and cuts. Get the best from your meat with step-by-step preparation and cooking techniques, and learn key home butchery skills, such as needling, frenching, rolling, and tying.

Find out everything there is to know about well-raised meat - where to buy it and why it tastes better. Cook more than 250 of the world's best poultry, pork, beef, lamb, and game dishes such as Jamaican Jerk Chicken, Portuguese Pork with Clams, Kerala Beef, and Barbecued Moroccan Lamb. With this butchery and cookery book in-one, you'll become a connoisseur in no time! Looking as good on your coffee table as the dishes that you can create with it's content, The Meat Cookbook is the perfect gift for any meat lover.












The Meat Cookbook(肉類料理食譜)

TWD $1,375

TWD $1,080