Drawing for Illustration(由素描形塑插畫作品),吉米康妮圖書

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Drawing for Illustration(由素描形塑插畫作品)

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【Drawing for Illustration】



@Thames & Hudson原文書

@全彩精裝/240頁/開本21.6 x 27.5 cm

@作者:Martin Salisbury




「素描」是插畫家的基本語言;素描以各種形式和姿態存在,為插畫的實踐打下基礎,無論最終作品是否呈現出素描的形式。在本書中,教師、插畫家暨作家Martin Salisbury闡述了這一重要學科的關鍵知識,從基礎的線條、色調和構圖,到如何創作書籍插畫、圖像小說、廣告藝術、以及報導頁面。




Drawing is the fundamental language of the illustrator. In its many forms and guises, it underpins the practice of illustration, whether or not the finished work appears ‘drawn’. In Drawing for Illustration, teacher, illustrator and writer Martin Salisbury elucidates key aspects of this vital discipline, moving from the basics of line, tone and composition to book illustration and graphic novels, advertising art and reportage.


Featuring more than twenty renowned illustrators on their creative processes, alongside a range of contemporary and historical sketchbooks and projects, this volume is an inspiring, authoritative companion for anyone seeking to develop a personal visual language.


【Contents List】



1. Drawing and Illustration
Drawing: what is it?
Illustration: what is it?
Drawing and Me: Isabelle Arsenault
Knowing through drawing: the education of the illustrator
Born’ or ‘True’?: Edward Ardizzone and Lynton Lamb

2. The Basics
Observation: learning to see
Tools and materials
Using line to suggest tone
Mark-making and printmaking, Christopher Brown
Composition and structure
Drawing and colour, Vyara Boyadijieva
People and environments
Drawing animals
Drawing and photography
Tools and materials

3. From observation to Imagination: Making the links
Drawing from memory, Yann Kebbi
Simon Bartram: Monday Man
Bill Bragg: Making the links
Sketchbooks/ visual journals
John Vernon Lord: The journals
Sally Dunne: Sketchbooks and me
Alexis Deacon: Drawing, thinking and the psychology of ‘finished’

4. Drawing and applied illustration
Editorial/ magazine illustration
- David Humphries: Newton’s Cradle or ‘The biggest hum’
Book Illustration
- Evelyn Dunbar
- Pablo Auladell: La Feria Anbandonada
Character development
- Fifi Kuo
- Ellie Snowdon
- Axel Scheffler: The evolution of a personal visual language
Atmosphere and fantasy
- Victoria Turnbull
- Sheila Robinson
Authorial graphic storytelling
- Isabel Greenberg
- Jon McNaught
Advertising and display
- Kerry Lemon
- Frank Newbould
- Paul Slater
Reportage and graphic commentary
- David Hughes: Covid Diary
- Robert Weaver
- John Minton: Reportage for advertising
Illustration and photography

5. Postscript: A word about Style
















Drawing for Illustration(由素描形塑插畫作品)

TWD $1,650

TWD $1,300