Illustrators' Sketchbooks(60位國際插畫家的素描本),吉米康妮圖書

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Illustrators' Sketchbooks(60位國際插畫家的素描本)

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【Illustrators' Sketchbooks】



@Thames & Hudson原文書

@全彩精裝/304頁/開本19.5 x 27.0 cm

@作者:Martin Salisbury




本書收錄許多著名的插畫家的素描本,包括Beatrix Potter、Jean de Brunhoff、Edward Ardizzone和Tove Jansson等經典童書插畫家,還有Beatrice Alemagna、Oliver Jeffers、Shaun Tan等知名插畫家,以及 Charlotte Ager和Leah Yang等新興插畫家。作者借助其本人作為插畫家暨教師的數十年經驗,揭示了書中每一位藝術家的生活和作品,他甚至展示了自己的素描本頁面,來敍述自己的原始創意與。




Intimate and often unseen, the sketchbook means something different to each illustrator. It might be a beautiful object, a work of art in its own right, where every line is painstakingly considered. It might be a pictorial playground, where mistakes can make art. The boundaries between sketchbooks, notebooks and visual journals are often blurred, lending to the creativity that fills their pages.


It is likely that you will recognize many of the illustrators featured, including classic childhood favourites Beatrix Potter, Jean de Brunhoff, Edward Ardizzone and Tove Jansson, and established names such as Beatrice Alemagna, Oliver Jeffers and Shaun Tan. Others are up-and-coming, for example Charlotte Ager and Leah Yang. Martin Salisbury draws on decades of experience as an illustrator and educator to shed light on the lives and work of each artist. He even reveals pages from his own sketchbooks, exposing the rawness of his ideas and the narratives that surround them. As the reader will discover, sketchbooks are often a fascinating and surprising window into the mind of the illustrator.


【Contents List】


Charlotte Ager
Beatrice Alemagna
Takako Aoki
Edward Ardizzone
Edward Bawden
Thomas Bewick
Quentin Blake
Percy Drake Brookshaw
Calef Brown
Cai Gao
Emma Carlisle
Chloë Cheese
Sunkyung Cho
Alan E. Cober
Christopher Corr
Kenyon Cox
Robert Crumb
John Cuneo
Jean de Brunhoff
Henrik Drescher
Susan Einzig
Mark Entwisle
Isidro Ferrer
Edward Gorey
Chris Harper
Jon Harris
Katsushika Hokusai
Ya-Ling Huang
Tove Jansson
Oliver Jeffers
Charles Keeping
John Lawrence
Shih-yu Lin
Sara Lundberg
Manuel Marsol
Mick Marston
Bernd Mölck-Tassel
Ed Merlin Murray
Fabian Negrin
Beatrix Potter
Eric Ravilious
Sheila Robinson
Martin Salisbury
Ronald Searle
Beatriz Lostalé Seijo
Ana Sender
Charles Shearer
Pam Smy
Katrin Stangl
Helen Stephens
Shaun Tan
Victoria Tentler-Krylov
Charles Tunnicliffe
Tomi Ungerer
Valerio Vidali
Brian Wildsmith
Peng Wu
Doris Meng Yan
Leah Yang










Illustrators' Sketchbooks(60位國際插畫家的素描本)

TWD $1,650

TWD $1,300