Ludwig Bemelmans (The Illustrators)(路德威‧白蒙:The Illustrators系列),吉米康妮圖書

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Ludwig Bemelmans (The Illustrators)(路德威‧白蒙:The Illustrators系列)

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【Ludwig Bemelmans (The Illustrators)】

《路德威‧白蒙:The Illustrators系列》


@Thames & Hudson原文書

@全彩軟精裝/112頁/開本18.7 x 24.5 cm

@作者:Quentin Blake, Laurie Britton Newell, Claudia Zeff


★英國著名藝術出版社Thames & Hudson全新系列: The Illustrators


為了慶祝插畫作為一種獨立的藝術形式,英國著名藝術出版社Thames & Hudson集結史上最傑出的插畫家,出版「The Illustrators系列」,其中一本即為《Ludwig Bemelmans》,完整呈現白蒙的創作歷程與生活多種面貌,展現這位深受愛戴的作家暨藝術家的作品──包含先前未曾曝光的許多手稿與照片。


路德威‧白蒙(Ludwig Bemelmans),出生於奧匈帝國的美國作家暨插畫家,年輕時移居美國,開始一連串創作。其中《瑪德琳》(Madeline)系列故事,被公認為童書界的經典。寫過無數童書,小說與短篇故事集,甚至連旅遊書都有涉略。在1940到1950年代,他的作品經常性發表在《紐約客》雜誌,深受廣大讀者喜愛。

作為一位藝術家,白蒙的創作廣泛取材自日常生活,發展他的故事劇情與人物性格,透過豐富的想像力與個人情感。筆下的瑪德琳,總讓人想起亨利馬諦斯、畢卡索與法國插畫大師勞爾杜飛(Raoul Dufy)的影子。他的第一本插畫書在1939年發行,隨即廣受好評,風靡全球。

Ludwig Bemelmans grew up under the Austro-Hungarian empire and emigrated to the United States in his late teens, just escaping the outbreak of the First World War. His illustrations for the Madeline books offer a classic vision of Paris that has created a lasting impression on millions of readers. And every illustrator would love to know how he conveyed all the emotions of a spirited little girl drawn with just a few lines and dots; how did he achieve such clarity in simplicity?


Laurie Britton Newell’s illustrated essay gathers material from Bemelmans’ diverse oeuvre, from novels, autobiographical stories, humorous articles and comic strips to murals and menus for hotels and restaurants. The book makes accessible this mesmerizing material, which is otherwise lost to the public, and connects it to the artist’s intriguing life. An icon of a fascinating era, Bemelmans through his magical work gives us glimpses of a life that embodied both hard work and glamour, in Paris and New York.









Ludwig Bemelmans (The Illustrators)(路德威‧白蒙:The Illustrators系列)

TWD $1,045

TWD $820