DKfindout! Solar System(小小探索者:太陽系),吉米康妮圖書

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DKfindout! Solar System(小小探索者:太陽系)

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【DKfindout! Solar System】




@全彩軟式精裝/64頁/開本18.3 x 23.5 cm




★小朋友學習英文必須閱讀文學性讀物(例如繪本、橋梁書),也需要知識性讀物(例如百科全書)──老編回想起數十年前上大學,第一次拿到跟磚塊一樣重的「材料力學」(Mechanics of Materials)原文書,要說心中多害怕就有多害怕!


★DKfindout! Series(小小探索者系列)是專為英語系國家所編寫的兒童百科全書,曾獲頒MadeForMums Awards。







Part of an award-winning book series for children, this is the ultimate guide to our magnificent solar system and the astronauts who explore it.


An entertaining, educational adventure for young readers. Engage the senses through vivid deep-space photography, cutaways and illustrations, quiz questions, and quirky fun facts. It's the perfect book for any kid who can't get enough of outer space!


Supporting STEM-based learning, this fact-filled book for kids is perfect for ages 6-9 and contains key curriculum information. Although, age is but a number, don't let our recommendations put you off enjoying this absolute masterpiece of extraordinary astrology!


This kids' educational book is so much more than just another book about space. It allows children to discover the mysteries of asteroids hurtling through space, comets lighting up the sky, and the biggest star in our glorious solar system, the Sun. It also explores the steps we've taken to study outer space, like launching the International Space Station. Not to mention the exquisite photographs of nearby planets, stars, and astronomical bodies. Find stunning details on each of Earth's neighbouring planets, including fascinating facts about their moons, mineral makeup, and more.


While it's packed with a lot of information, it is presented in a way that can be read in snippets that are appropriate to any level of understanding. You can return to it over and over again to enjoy the majestic realm that is outer space in more detail.


Vetted by educational consultants, the DKfindout! series drives kids ages 6-9 to become experts on more than 30 of their favourite STEM- and history-related subjects.


Find out Amazing Facts About Our Solar System!

What is the weather like on Jupiter? Which planet is the hottest? What are Saturn's remarkable rings made of? How long would it take to get to Pluto? Find out the answers to these questions and more in DKfindout! Solar System. This incredible book is packed with surprising facts and amazing pictures that are simply put, out of this world! From comets to craters, this book captures the beauty of our celestial system as best as one can without going into space itself.


Explore the world of astronomy and travel our solar system as we know it today:
-Explore Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto
-Learn about Space rocks, ice giants, and asteroid belts
-Adventure through space ages, meet alien hunters and go beyond the solar system!


DKfindout! Solar System is one title in the DKfindout! series of educational books for kids, and Silver award winner in the MadeForMums Awards 2017 children's books series category.


Kids around the world are obsessed with this gorgeous collection, so much so that a range of massive DKfindout! posters for bedroom walls are sold separately. Add to your collection and nurture your little one's interest in the world. Other titles include DKfindout! BirdsCastlesClimate ChangePirates, CodingAncient Egypt, EngineeringReptiles and a whole lot more!










DKfindout! Solar System(小小探索者:太陽系)

TWD $440

TWD $288