DK 人人學英語:片語動詞 (DK English for everyone Phrasal Verbs),吉米康妮圖書

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DK 人人學英語:片語動詞 (DK English for everyone Phrasal Verbs)

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DK English for everyone Phrasal Verbs




@全彩軟精裝/256頁/開本20.8 x 25.6 cm





★「English for Everyone系列」是DK針對以英語作為外語的學習者,所開發出來的全面自學課程,具有生動活潑、引人入勝且易於遵循的風格,使英語學習變得更加簡單。


★透過DK English For Everyone網站 ,可以在電腦、手機或平板上(Android / iOS apps)配合免費線上音檔學習。


Master the most common and useful English phrasal verbs with this beautifully illustrated visual guide!

Most students learning English think that phrasal verbs - verbs with more than one word - are difficult to learn. Don't give up just yet! This reference book offers a fresh, visual approach to learning phrasal verbs more effectively.

This language book contains everything you need to acquire a firm grasp of English phrasal verbs in a fun and engaging way:

- Learn phrasal verbs in context through clear definitions and supporting illustrations that make it easy to understand
- Structured in short units that include teaching practice sections
- The phrasal verbs are grouped by theme so you can remember them more easily (e.g. at work, food and drink, or the news)
- Includes a short grammar section explains how phrasal verbs work
- A reference section shows common separable and inseparable phrasal verbs

This is your go-to guide to learning more than 1000 phrasal verbs in context! English For Everyone: Phrasal Verbs combines an innovative visual teaching method with crystal-clear definitions and attractive illustrations to make one of the most difficult aspects of learning English as a foreign language incredibly easy.

Each module teaches 20 everyday English phrasal verbs that you'll hear over and over again in social situations, at work or school, when visiting the dentist or dining out. Packed with clear, easy-to-follow practical exercises, this workbook will help improve your English vocabulary and conversational skills in no time.

English For Everyone: Phrasal Verbs is part of the best-selling English for Everyone series from DK. It's the perfect study guide for adults who are looking to use English for work, study, travel or relocation and students studying for English exams such as IELTS, TOEIC, and TOEFL.






DK 人人學英語:片語動詞 (DK English for everyone Phrasal Verbs)

TWD $935

TWD $730